New Revolution of healthy hair styling

Stronger, healthier, shinier hair.

Our revolutionary hair styling tool for silkier smoother hair with high-pressure cool steam water ions to  hydrate the entire length of the hair for a shinier and healthier look.

This professional steam hair straightener allows for continuous steam to flow gently and efficiently through the hair fibers, repairing them as it styles.

The only product to give new life to your hair extensions


Temperature Control

Remember that heat protection is needed when it comes to using any heat styling tools.

SteamPlus is a must due to its versatility by styling and treating the hair at the same time. 

Professional Quality

This professional very high continuous steam-flow straightener allows you to straighten your hair more quickly for a result that lasts longer.  For perfect straight and shiny hair, which looks its very best.

SteamPlus Pro is suitable for all hair types, even sensitive and curly hair.  From straight styles to glamorous romantic waves, is designed to give you beautifully sleek and manageable tresses.

It’s a very versatile tool, using it as a styling tool or a hair treatment enhancer that seals the hair cuticles while infusing ionized nano particles of water into the hair core thereby enhancing the hair treatment results. SteamPlus seals the hair cuticle by locking in the moisture and the hair treatment deep into the hair shaft.

The steamplus is recommended for all hair types!

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